Trailer Maintenance

Phoenix Trailers are assembled by expert craftsmen with materials and components chosen for their quality and durability. With that said, it’s important to take some time to inspect your trailer and make sure everything is in tip-top shape. Boat-towing places a heavy demand on the trailer. Fortunately, many of the components we use make boat trailer maintenance and service easy.

Below is a list of items to inspect and some resources to help you maintain your trailer:

  1. Our fender pads will not rot, but do inspect them regularly for wear. 
  2. We use radial tires on our trailers. All tires are susceptible to wear, so inspect frequently for dry rot, proper tire pressure, and tread wear.  *except some pontoon models.
  3. Our high standard for beauty and durability in our paint ensures stress-free ownership. Our trailers begin with a multi-stage cleaning process for maximum adhesion and durability. The final coat of Axalta Excel Pro ensures a tough surface that’ll look great for years. Trailers that have rock chips should be inspected for rust before it becomes a bigger problem.  Never use a painted trailer in salt water.
  4. We source all our undercarriage components from UFP by Dexter, a company dedicated to producing quality trailer products. This ensures seamless compatibility, robust design and ease of maintenance.
    • Disc brakes should be inspected for proper function and pad life.
    • We use UFP vault axles and bearing lube axles for their durability and ease of maintenance. Trailer owners should ensure the axles are well greased. 
    • The UFP inline actuator, which applies the brake as inertia drives the trailer forward, should be inspected regularly and serviced as needed. Consult the manual provided with the trailer or online at
  5. Our Fulton Winches should provide years of worry-free service. Like any moving part it may need to be maintained. You should inspect the winch strap for tears or fraying. Consult manual provided
  6. Inspect the lug nuts for proper torque (110 ft. lbs), and look for pitting or rust, which shouldn’t be a problem—we use McGard™ lug nuts, which are guaranteed rust-free for life (on many trailers). 
  7. Our trailers come with 100% submersible LED lights and a lifetime warranty. Ensure these are still working properly before each use and contact us if you have any issues.
  8. Inspect and ensure all fasteners on the trailer are tight.
  9. Visually inspect the safety chains or cables for rust, or wear, and replace if worn out.


Preventative maintenance ensures years of worry-free service from your trailer. Taking small steps now avoids larger problems later and alleviates unnecessary wear and tear on your trailer. If you’re having any trouble, please call us and let us assist you.


Phoenix Trailers is not responsible for any damage to persons, or property—be careful. Please see our terms of service.

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I am now on my third Phoenix trailer and could not be more happy with the product. I have never had one problem with any of my trailers. I'm overly impressed with the product from Phoenix trailers and would certainly recommend to any boat owner out there.
— Nate Smith, World water-ski record holder and two-time slalom champion
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Service & Warranty

We warrant boat trailer frames tip to tail for two years from the date of purchase against defective material and workmanship. Many components have an extended warranty. Our welded frame trailers have a five year warranty. We backup each trailer that we produce with the finest customer service department in the trailer industry.